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Is it time to spark a change in your life?

We’ve all been there. That’s why The Editing Academy is here to offer a way to build a new, fulfilling career that’s perfect for you. You’re in the right place.

Working from home or any location just got easier.

We know how hard it is to jump into something new. That’s why we’ve created a course that gives you step-by-step instructions (and encouragement) to achieve your income goals.

Here’s to you starting a new journey!

We think you’re going to love what we have to offer. Our course is made to help dreamers reach their goals of successfully launching a proofreading and copyediting business.

Welcome to The Editing Academy, where income seekers discover the keys to successfully becoming proofreaders and copyeditors.

Remote Lifestyle

Proofreading and copyediting is a location-independent opportunity. Join other successful freelancers who earn income from any location around the world. All you need is an occasional internet connection.

Work From Home

Do you just want to work at home? No problem! Becoming a proofreader and copyeditor means you can set your own hours and rates. Work in the mornings, evenings, or whatever time of day works for you.

Be Your Own Boss

Career flexibility is only a course away. Leave the rat race of the corporate world, become your own boss, and set your own hours. Become a proofreader and copyeditor as a full-time job or as a passionate hobby that brings in a little side income.

Wherever you fit into the vast range of people seeking more freedom as income earners, there’s a space for you here. Empty nesters, stay-at-home moms, millennials, part-time earners, full-time earners—all are welcome.

Learning to proofread and copyedit is an incredible skill that can benefit family and friends who are still in school or are writing the next great American novel. It’s also critical for keeping the writing industry on point with the tens of thousands of articles and books that are published every year.

What Is The Editing Academy?

The Editing Academy is a comprehensive program committed to helping job seekers who want to become a successful proofreader and copyeditor. Students can learn two of the four main levels of editing instead of just proofreading.

That means students have more opportunities to earn income after they’ve successfully completed the course, since copyediting is in much higher demand than just proofreading alone.

The Editing Academy teaches these two critical skills together to build a solid foundation for students to find more opportunities to earn money. Beyond the grammar fundamentals, we also teach some background information on the editing industry, steps to launch a freelance copyediting business, and where to find jobs.

Successful students earn certification upon completion of the final evaluation. Check out these top reasons for why you’ll enjoy learning how to proofread and copyedit with The Editing Academy.

The Editing Academy


Years of Experience

Who We Help

The Editing Academy is designed to help native or fluent English speakers learn how to apply grammar fundamentals in an editing setting. You don’t need to have an English degree to be a proofreader or copyeditor—just love words and enjoy turning something mediocre into a project that shines.

This course can help people get out of the retail hamster wheel or the corporate world and take back control of their lives. The days of slaving away in a cubicle from 9 to 5 are over. You can enjoy a more flexible career that you can do from almost anywhere while leaving time to take care of what’s most important in your life. Earn income on a full- or part-time basis at any hour of the day that works for you, no matter if you’re a digital nomad or a stay-at-home mom.

The Editing Academy for moms

Stay-at-Home Moms

Proofreading and copyediting is a great way for moms to earn extra income at home. It’s flexible and often pays better than many local jobs. Work the hours that work for you.

The editing academy for digital nomads

Digital Nomads

Almost all proofreading and copyediting is done digitally. As long as you have occasional internet connection, you can earn income from almost anywhere in the world.

The Editing Academy for empty nesters

Empty Nesters

If your kids are out of the house, or you’re happily retired, perhaps you want to pick up a side hobby to earn a little extra vacation money. The editing industry could be a perfect fit.

The editing academy copyediting course

A rewarding freelance career is at your fingertips.

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The Editing Academy’s
Founding Pillars


Striving for excellence in all areas drives us to be the best version of ourselves.


Honesty and integrity are the foundation of a successful business and reputation.


Optimism attracts the best opportunities and molds a healthy, resilient mindset.

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Now that you have an idea of what The Editing Academy is all about, it’s time to learn even more about our awesome courses. We’re confident that our courses can meet your need to build a new, marketable skill set that helps you achieve your income goals and dreams of working from home.