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proofreading academy vs proofread anywhere vs the editing academy vs edit republic

Proofreading Academy vs Proofread Anywhere vs The Editing Academy vs Edit Republic

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Proofreading has fast become a popular way to earn money at home. That’s why there are several available courses for prospective students to choose from as they decide how to earn money at home. This article will break down the essential information you need to choose the best proofreading course for your needs and income goals.

Let’s take a look at the top proofreading courses available and compare Knowadays (formerly Proofreading Academy) vs Proofread Anywhere vs The Editing Academy vs Edit Republic (formerly The Art of Proofreading).

What Proofreading Courses Offer

Did you know that proofreading is only one needed skill for editing documents and books? Copyediting is in higher demand than proofreading, which is why you’ll find that some courses teach both skills to give students an advantage.

All of the courses from these four companies teach proofreading skills, but two of them (The Editing Academy and Edit Republic) have dedicated lessons to teach students how to copyedit so they can apply for more jobs that pay better.

Reputable courses should also provide students with a way to earn certification after completing the course and demonstrating their knowledge through an evaluation. Just as a Bachelor’s degree is only awarded after going through all the hard work and finals, students should be able to prove they’ve learned the proofreading material in order to offer their services as a professional.

At this time, online proofreading courses outside of universities do not offer accreditation, but prospective companies will be satisfied with a certificate that demonstrates your skill set. Finding a proofreading job or a copyediting job is easier when you have proof of expertise or education.

Some proofreading courses offer extremely valuable information regarding the industry as a whole, where proofreaders and copyeditor fit in, and strategies to successfully launch a business.

If you’re serious about becoming a proofreader or copyeditor, then choosing a course with this information included is a must. It’s the best way to get a jump start on a new work-at-home proofreading career.

Proofreading is often mistaken as a key editing skill when, really, most companies and publishers are looking for a copyeditor who truly understands how to make sure a sentence is grammatically correct. Not only that, but a copyeditor should know how to maintain the author’s voice and follow an industry style guide. Taking a copyediting course can help you meet the needs of tens of thousands of writers and companies looking for grammar wizards.

Knowadays (Proofreading Academy) vs Proofread Anywhere vs The Editing Academy vs Edit Republic Comparison

For a quick reference, here’s a table with the most important information comparing the top proofreading and copyediting courses.

online proofreading course comparison proofreading academy vs proofread anywhere

With this table, it’s easy to see why people commonly compare Knowadays vs Proofread Anywhere since they are similar proofreading courses. However, it’s more common to compare The Editing Academy vs Edit Republic since they both offer proofreading and copyediting in their online copyediting courses. Let’s break down each proofreading course a little further to help you make your decision about which proofreading course is best to take.

Knowadays (formerly Proofreading Academy) Review

Knowadays’ primary course, Become a Proofreader, has a solid reputation for building a good proofreading foundation. It has a comprehensive curriculum that teaches students how to proofread documents of all kinds but with a strong emphasis on academic and business. They do offer training on how to actually proofread documents in the most common software: Word, Google, and Adobe.

Though the course is made by a company in England, it does a good job of teaching the differences between British, American, and Australian rules that a proofreader might need to know. There is also a module about formatting; however, this can be misleading since formatting and layout are often used incorrectly and interchangeably in the industry.

The biggest differentiator of Knowadays is their work guarantee. In partnership with Proofed, they offer students a chance to start working on academic and some business documents within a couple weeks of passing the evaluation. It’s necessary to achieve an 80 percent or higher score on the test, which is known to be difficult to pass. Students have three chances to take the test.

Current proofreaders for Proofed state that it’s helpful to start working there to get some experience, but the work can be demanding and the pay is not always as high as expected. There are tight turnarounds, and the rates can vary if it takes longer to complete some documents. Nevertheless, it’s a unique benefit that is appealing to many students.


  • Lower price point
  • Free trial available
  • Work guarantee for students who pass the test with 80 percent or more
  • Certificate for students who complete the course with any test score
  • Thorough curriculum with video tutorials
  • Tutors available by email to respond to questions


  • Existing students have been unhappy about the name change since a certificate from “Knowadays” makes less sense than “Proofreading Academy”
  • Only teaches proofreading
  • Work with Proofed is primarily academic documents
  • There may be stiff competition to get work
  • Access available for only one year after purchase
  • Does not include information about launching a proofreading business

Proofread Anywhere Review

Proofread Anywhere’s General Proofreading: Theory and Practice proofreading course has been around for many years. It only teaches proofreading, and it only includes the basic principles. This course does provide students with training for proofreading in different documents such as PDFs, Word, and Google Docs.

Students are directed to research a style guide to learn the various proofreading principles for each lesson. This can be challenging for students who prefer audio/visual instruction. The overall focus is more on proofreading manuscripts and general proofreading.

There are several bonuses for students like mastering a business mindset, common homophones, etc. Several lessons discuss ideas for getting an online business started. Students also appreciate having a private Facebook group where they can ask questions about the course with other students. Additional tutoring is available for hourly fees.

There are two prices available: the cheaper one includes the course material, and the more expensive one includes a graded test and certification with a 90 percent score or better.


  • Average cost with two purchase options
  • Includes some information about launching a business
  • Lifetime access to the course and any updates
  • Private Facebook group for students
  • Teaches how to navigate an industry-standard style guide for grammar/punctuation rules
  • Free 76-minute workshop


  • No instructional videos, so students have to teach themselves through each module
  • Bonuses and extra materials unrelated to proofreading
  • Staff assistance is limited
  • No refunds
proofreading academy vs proofread anywhere vs the editing academy vs edit republic

The Editing Academy Review

The Editing Academy offers the Editing Made Easy master course that teaches both proofreading and copyediting. This is the newest course of all of these options; however, the student testimonials show highly satisfied students.

The curriculum includes video tutorials to help students learn the grammar and punctuation rules according to an industry-standard style guide, with some overview of the difference between British and American English grammar. There are quizzes, worksheets, and essays (of numerous genres and styles) to work on before taking the final evaluation. Students who pass with a 90 percent or better receive a certificate of excellence after getting through the 40-50 hours of coursework.

There is also an overview of the editing industry, information about how to launch and market your business, where/how to find jobs, and templates for contracts and sending out quotes. Though it doesn’t have a private Facebook page, lectures have a comments section where students can ask questions (admins always answer) and interact with each other.

It may not be as well known as some of the others, but it’s worthy of serious consideration, especially since students can sign up for the free, 30-minute minicourse and get a discount to the master course.


  • Great price point for two skills plus all that’s included
  • Discount and payment plans available
  • Teaches proofreading and copyediting
  • Lifetime access to course and any updates
  • Includes video tutorials for audio/visual learning
  • Includes industry info, plus business/marketing information and templates
  • Staff is attentive and helps to answer questions


  • Newer course than others
  • Fewer bonuses than some courses
  • Higher price point than just proofreading courses
  • Limited refund policy

Edit Republic Review

Edit Republic’s course High-Level Proofreading Pro is a new course offering from a company formerly called The Art of Proofreading. This course now includes both proofreading and copyediting, which is helpful for students looking to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Students get lots of video instruction, quizzes, and even a workbook they can fill out as they go. They’ll also learn some information about the editing industry, plus learn business and marketing strategies as well. Students also like the group coaching calls each month and the lifetime access to the course.

As with the other courses, there is a final evaluation where students can receive a certificate when they pass the test. Since the owner is a long-time editor, it’s safe to assume the course follows one or more industry-standard style guides. The price point is the highest of all the courses, however there are two payment plans available—though you’ll end up paying quite a bit more in the long run.


  • Two payment plans available
  • Teaches proofreading and copyediting
  • Includes industry knowledge
  • Includes business and marketing information and templates
  • Group coaching calls available
  • Certificate for completion


  • Payment plans make the course even more expensive
  • Highest price point of all the courses
  • Established course but still not well known
  • Limited refund policy

Which is the Best Proofreading or Copyediting Course?

Each course has their unique features and benefits, so it’s difficult to say there is only one “best” proofreading course. If you’re considering jumping into this career to work from home, you’ll need to decide on the course that best meets your needs and budget.

If you just want to try proofreading, then Knowadays (Proofreading Academy) might be a great option. But if you’re looking to earn more money from home, then opt for a copyediting course like Editing Made Easy that helps to launch your proofreading business successfully.

Most importantly, all of these courses have students who have successfully graduated and found success in the editing industry. Rest assured that they are all legitimate proofreading courses that can help stay-at-home moms, digital nomads, empty nesters, or anyone interested in learning a skill to work from home.

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