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About Us

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Hi, I’m Brie Greenhalgh.

I hated my job. Actually, I hated a lot of my jobs. They were so unfulfilling, so passionless, and so filled with monotony and (sometimes) terrible management.

I knew I loved writing and editing, but it had never occurred to me that I could make a living doing just that. So I jumped.

Those corporate rat race days were over. With a brave face and determination, I challenged myself to chase every opportunity as a freelance editor.

It paid off when I replaced my income on my fourth month of working from home.

That’s when I knew I had found the dream job:
– freedom to work from anywhere
– flexibility to work on my own time
– independence from working for a boss

Clients from around the world landed in my inbox, and I loved helping them perfect their nonfiction books. Ultimately, incredible opportunities to join multi-million-dollar companies came along and I put my editing and writing skills to good use.

Working from Rome, Hawaii, and Paris became a reality (and it can for you too!). The only missing element was teaching—my other talent and passion from my college days.

The Editing Academy became the culmination of three passions:
– editing
– writing
– teaching

The fact that the Editing Made Easy copyediting course helps others build a fulfilling career like I have is a bonus.

Building this course became a way to help others achieve the same freedom by learning from proven strategies in a single, comprehensive course.


CEO & Founder

The Mission

To provide a high-quality, one-stop resource for work-at-home moms and digital nomads to earn more money as a proofreader and copyeditor.

What Is The Editing Academy?

The Editing Academy is a comprehensive course committed to helping stay-at-home moms and digital nomads become a successful proofreader and copyeditor.

What you get with the Editing Made Easy course:

  • 2 skills in 1 course (proofreading and copyediting)
  • Over 15 grammar lessons including 16 video lectures to build your confidence
  • Quizzes, essays, and worksheets so you remember what you learn
  • Editing industry secrets so you sound like a pro
  • Tried and tested secrets to landing your first client
  • 5 pro-tip lessons that take you from newbie to pro freelancer
  • A certificate of excellence after you crush the course test.

So, why choose The Editing Academy? The value for the price.

You get all of that and more for less than most other courses cost because I want to make this information available to more people.

Let the rest of your life start today.

The Editing Academy


Years of Experience

The Editing Academy’s
Founding Pillars


Striving for excellence in all areas drives us to be the best version of ourselves.


Honesty and integrity are the foundation of a successful business and reputation.


Optimism attracts the best opportunities and molds a healthy, resilient mindset.