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Who We Are

Experienced. Professional.

Our founder, Brie Greenhalgh, is a successful freelance editor and writer who jumped out of the corporate rat race and into the freelance world. She worked in passionless fields like accounting and sales while also helping each business produce excellent copy for marketing, sales presentations, and more. Eventually, Brie took a leap of faith to follow a career path that actually filled her with passion, excitement, and freedom: freelance editing and writing.

After brushing up on her old editing skills for specific industry-standard style guides, she worked with clients from around the world. Opportunities to share well-written books and articles abounded, from editing nonfiction books to writing and editing corporate articles. The only missing element was teaching—her other talent and passion from her college days.

The Editing Academy became the culmination of three passions: editing, writing, and teaching. The fact that the master course can help others enjoy a fulfilling career like she has is a bonus. Building this course became a way to help others achieve the same freedom using heaps of information packed into a single, comprehensive course.

Our Mission

To provide an excellent, comprehensive resource for people seeking to learn how to launch a successful proofreading and copyediting business.


CEO & Founder